1. No dog shall be allowed off lead, except for on the dock or returning in the water from the jump. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.


   2. At no time shall more than one dog be off lead at the same time. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS            RULE.


    3. No pushing, shoving, or throwing dogs off the dock. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.


    4. Dogs need to be kept separated at least 8 feet apart while standing in line. Some dogs don’t accept other          dogs in their space.

     5. Leads should be 6’ or less. No retractable leads. Dogs should easily be controlled on lead.

     6. Collars should be flat buckle or limited slip.Harnesses are fine.No choke chains, open or covered prong            collars, or shock collars either in or out of the water.


     7. Dogs should safely accept handling by club members.


     8. No female dogs in season.

     9. Please no injured or ill dogs. They will not be allowed to participate in practices or classes.


     10. Boaters have the Right of Way.We have to move out of their way when

      launching the boat or putting the boat on the trailer.




I understand that participation in Shasta Splash Dogs is a privilege, not a right