Retired Club Dogs

These are the dogs that are retired from the Shasta Splash Dogs Club 
Skyy /Retired


Owners: Janet & Paul

Best Jump: 18'



Skyy is an 8 year old female yellow lab, born 8/26/05 in Redding, CA.  Our original intent was for her to become a duck dog, but she decided she would rather be a dock dog.  She has an intense desire to retrieve and loves the water.  Her formal splash dog training began in April 2008 and she took to jumping off the dock immediately.  She earned her Splash Dogs Senior Title on 1/10/09 and her Splash Dogs Senior Silver Title 8/28/10. 


In her Splash Dogs career she has jumped a total distance of 2,659.04 feet (1/2 mile), which qualifies her for the Frequent Flyer Gold Achievement Title.


Her favorite pastime activities is playing with her golden retriever sisters Roxy and Teal, going on walks, and swimming in the backyard pool.

Dakota / Retired 


Owner: Celeste

Best Jump: 23' 1"


Dakota is a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever cross born in June 2009.  We became a member of Shasta Splash Dogs in 2010, however, Dakota was fearful of strangers and became overwhelmed in crowds. It wasn't until March of 2012 that he was able to compete in competition where he jumped 21' 3".  He has been improving since then and has conquered his fears, working as a successful Diabetic Alert service dog.  He has also titled in other sports such as lure coursing and Mondioring.  Dakota has his SRD (Senior Division) an PD (Pro Division) titles and has one jump towards his ED (Extreme Division).  He has also earned his Frequent Flyer Bronze Achievement with a total of 936.08 feet jumped in his career.


At Splash Dog's 2013 National Championships, Dakota took home first in the Pro divisional Super Vertical Finals. His personal best in Super V is 6' 8".


Kaija / Retired


Owner: Karen

Best Jump: unknown - at practice, not measured


Kaija is a Lab/McNabb cross rescue from ACAWL. We fostered her and her sister and ended up adopting her at 12 weeks old. She will be 6 years old June 12, 2015. She loves water, retrieving and swimming but was reluctant to jump off a dock for many years. The summer of 2014 she finally took the plunge! She was awkward, reluctant, jumped about 2 feet and looked hilarious, but she had the confidence to do it! Her first official competition was this year and although she had many refusals, she did jump a couple times. I think with more practice, in time she ll gain the confidence needed to succeed.


Her favorite activities are agility, rally-o, free-style dancing, mountain trail walks, and chasing reptiles, rodents, water fowl, and jack rabbits in the spring meadow with her little brother Malakai.


Shasta / Retired


Owner: Diane

Best Jump: 13' 8"


Shasta is a red bi Australian Shepherd born March 19, 2006 in Imperial Beach, California.

Her registered name is "It Hasta Be Shasta", and yes, I got her when I decided to move up here.

Shasta has competed in CPE and NADAC agility but is on a break at this time. So what a

better way to keep this girl exercised than Splash Dogs!  Before putting her in class I decided

to try her off the dock at a practice where she instantly proved she was a natural and flew off the end.

She loves the water and is very toy driven. She lives with 4 other Aussies, a mini-doxie, 2 horses

and a goat!  Quite possible that two of the other Aussies, will also go off the dock to join in the

fun soon./

Coda / Retired

Owner: Diane Ostrem

Best Jump: 7'6


Coda, Aka Bonza's Da Capo Da Coda was going to be my 4th and last Aussie, but then came Roxy. Coda was born on January 26 2007 ad is very closely related to Shasta. (Distantly related to Roxy) Coda has competed in Agility but we found it was really not his cup of tea. He loves scent work so we often hide things in the house for him to find. Great for rainy days. His all time favorite is hiking with me, he runs ahead and lays down and waits for me to catch up. He loves to swim, river, lakes, creek, you name it and he loves to jump in from rocks or banks. Last year I entered him in his first Splash Dog Competition and although he only jumped 7'6" as his best - he seemed to enjoy it - so we will see where this adventure takes us.