"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."  -  Josh Billings


Owner: Chuck

Best Jump: 19' 4"

J.D. is a 12yr. old male Kelpie/Queensland Healer cross, I have had him since he was a pup, J.D. loves the water and loves to Jump off the dock, he would rather be competing and swimming in a pool or the lake then chasing cows around a pasture some where, when J.D. is at practice or a competition jump he gets very vocal nd can't wait to get out there and do his very best, but no matter what distance he jumps J.D. just loves being up on the dock with me working as a team, J.D. is now retired from the sport but still would rather swim than chase silly old cows



Owner: Janet & Paul

Best Jump: 10' 7"


Roxy is a 9 year old female golden retriever born January 30, 2004 in Red Bluff, CA.   Roxy’s formal splash dog training began in August 2008.  It took her awhile to get comfortable jumping off a dock so she didn't’ attend a competition until March 2010.

She has earned her Splash Dogs Splash Title in June 2010, Splash Bronze Title in July, 2010,  Splash Silver Title June, 2011 and Splash Dogs Junior Title June, 2012.   She has also earned a Frequent Flyer Bronze Achievement Award by jumping 956.06 feet in her Splash Dogs career.  Not too shabby for the ol’ girl.

Roxy has fun being up on the dock and is ready to go get her bumper.  She may not jump far, but she loves to go get  her bumper.


Roxy is a timid, sweet girl with the typical golden retriever personality of wanting to please.  She loves to carry around her stuffed baby bunny, going on walks, swimming and playing with her dog sisters Skyy and Teal.



In June of 2006, Holly adopted us when she was 5 years old. She had a crazy desire for tennis balls from the beginning. We started her in a class with Shasta Splash in May 2007 and she was hooked! She didn t start competition until 2011 and new to the sport we were told by the splash people that Holly had  Pop  because at every leap off the dock, she would jump straight up and out. Although she was never a distance jumper, she had quite a flare with her style. We competed again in the summer of 2012 and even took a second place in the Junior Finals! In November 2012 we had the honor to attend and compete in the National Championship in Folsom California. Holly loved dock jumping more than anything in the world, her tap dancing forelegs and her very serious facial expressions radiated excitement right before a break speed dash down the dock. Just three months after her last competition Holly was diagnosed with renal failure and passed away two weeks later on February 4, 2013. She was 11 years old. She is missed dearly.




Halle unexpectedly left us in 2014. She was not only an avid dock jumper but was a beloved companion to Ken Matye and a faithful hunting partner.



Best Jump: 10' 4"


Mozart passed in 2016, Mozart's story began when he was found in a shelter on the coast of California. They did not have high hopes that he would be adopted because he is deaf.  He was pulled from the shelter by a local rescue and to make a long story short, found his home with Jessica. She was supposed to train him and help ready him for adoption. He had other plans. His dock jumping career started in 2012 when a club member, Karen, asked to borrow him to be her partner. Mozart decided he wanted Jessica to be his partner. He was always a crowd pleaser and people were in awe by how well he followed Jessica's directions.



Dakoda, aka Sunshine’s Dakoda Bear was born in Oregon on 5/15/2007.  He easily found a spot inside the heart of everyone he met. He loved and competed in agility and was diligently working towards his championship in NADAC.  Dakoda was never the natural athlete but that never stopped him, he just knew he was having a blast and carried on.   In the spring of 2012 he found a new love – Splash Dogs.  He was not a natural “big jumper” but he was the most enthusiastic one around.  The sport combined 2 of his most favorite things, water and tennis balls.  Dakoda loved everyone and everyone loved Dakoda.  


On May 25,2015, Dakoda quietly passed in my arms from the horrible & devastating cancer hemangocarcinoma of the spleen.  He will be forever loved & missed.  I know he is having a ball doing whatever he can as he waits at the rainbow bridge to see his family again. In Dakoda's memory please help find a cure for cancer.You can donate to the Morris Animal Foundation - Golden Retriever Lifetime Study or Chase Away Canine Cancer.


Carmel adopted Jaida

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