Club Dogs

These are the dogs that are a part of the Shasta Splash Dogs Club


Owner: Janet & Paul

Best Jump: 20' 5"


Teal is a 2 year old female golden retriever, born 4/29/11 in Lakehead, CA.  She is crazy obsessed with swimming and retrieving.    At only 9 weeks old she was already swimming in the backyard pool retrieving bumpers.   Teal was 10 months old when she jumped in her first Splash Dogs Event placing 2nd in the Junior Finals with a jump of 14’.07”.   Her jumping career excelled from there.  She received her Splash Dogs Senior Title June, 2012 and her Senior Bronze Title June, 2013.   Teal has achieved the Frequent Flyer Bronze Achievement Award by jumping at total of 1,001.12 feet in her Splash Dogs career.  She has given Super Vertical a try with a personal best of 5’6”.       

Teal loves going duck hunting with Dad in the Splash Dogs offseason.   She also loves terrorizing her dog sisters Skyy and Roxy and swimming in the backyard pool.


Owner: Todd/Nicolette

Best Jump: 18'6



Owner: Celeste

Best Jump: 6'3


Natsu is a German Shepherd born 11-11-2014, his registered name is Hadhafang vom Adlerhimmel. His dock jumping career has just began! He has only been to one competition so far but he has definitely caught the bug and you will see him at future events.



Owner: Bonnie

 Best Jump: 16'

MacKenzie came in second place with a jump of 13' in her first class, but after finishing her second class she finished first with a jump of 16'


Owner: Jim/Cynthia

Dizzy is a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier who loves to swim. We can't wait to see what she can do. She has lots of spunk. She is busy with her obedience training trying to become the next Canine Good Citizen on her way to being a service dog.



Owner: Jen



Owner: Jim

Best Jump: 21' 1"



Owner: Jim

Best Jump: 11' 11"



Owner: Diane

Best Jump: (still learning... everyone has to start somewhere!)


Roxy is a Miniature Blue Merle Australian Shepherd from Florence, Arizona. Her registered name is Boldhearts Rock N Blue Jeans. She was born November 19, 2012 and took to the water as soon as i introduced her to the creek below my house. Roxy has completed one class with Shasta Splash (April 2013 ) and did jump off the side but was still pretty young so never ventured off the end. Since then she has jumped off the end in practice and will be in the upcoming class August 2013.
I hope to be adding her to the Shasta Splash line up at upcoming shows soon.  Roxy is distantly related to Shasta, although Shasta is not a miniature.



Owner: Jennifer

Best Jump: unknown - at practice, not measured


Kylie is a 2 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd.  She was born 4/10/11 in central Arizona.  Her registered name is Teacup Treasures Dancin’ in Blue.  Kylie is in training for agility and obedience.  She is a natural athlete and LOVES to learn new things – anything to be working and busy with Mom.  Kylie started dock diving in the summer of 2012 when her big brother, Dakoda, did.  She was slow to gain confidence with this sport, but is doing well this year which is her second summer at it.  Dock diving has been a great confidence builder for Kylie.  She is very focused on the task at hand – could take some tips on having FUN FUN FUN from her brother!


Other favorites: scent work, torturing her big brother Dakoda, clicker training, learning tricks, playing at the beach, visiting and licking all friends and family